ODILON "George" SANTOS Turns 60

In today’s world wherein most of the news we often see & hear on TV are somewhat disturbing, it’s truly amazing to note that there are still some inspirational stories out there that can give us a natural “high” and a positive outlook in life, especially if you are a newly arrived immigrant here in America. This is a true story of one man who came to the United States in 1992, armed only with his Philippine education from San Beda College and the University of Santo Tomas, together with his vast working experience in the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and in Kuwait as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). His name is ODILON LUNA SANTOS, who grew up in Manila but has deep roots in Pulilan, Bulacan. GEORGE as he is fondly called in the business community circle, is turning 60 this year.

It wasn’t at all easy when George decided to start his own business immediately upon setting foot in America in 1992. From day one it was a very difficult decision he had to make since he did not want work anymore as an employee for any company in the U.S. His motivation & conviction was plain and simple: “He got sick and tired of making other people “rich” (referring to the company owners he worked with in the past). It was high time he wanted to carve out a name for himself. And along the way, become “rich” also just like his former bosses. And so started the trajectory journey of S & S TRAVEL AGENCY in America, considered today as the most successful Filipino-American owned retail travel agency in San Diego County in the State of California. Asked what S & S stands for? George quickly replied that it’s actually the DBA of Super Service Worldwide. Asked whether it stands for Santos & Samson? George vehemently denied this and laughed, somewhat amused. I know Sam but never did he became an owner or partner of S & S TRAVEL AGENCY. From a mere 100 square feet office space in Mira Mesa way back in 1992, it has grown ten folds since then and is still growing. In fact, there was a time wherein it grew to about NINE (9) BRANCHES positioned all over the United States Of America, combining both the franchised-owned and company-owned branches. Even today, S & S TRAVEL AGENCY is considered ahead of the pack among the Filipino-American owned retail travel agencies in the U.S. with its own ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCY (OTA) website: www.snstravel.com wherein one need not leave the comforts of their own abode to book and buy their own airline tickets, anytime, anywhere in the world. George created & designed his own ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCY (OTA) as early as 1994 thus making him one of the early pioneers of the Online Travel Agency (OTA) industry today, way way ahead of the other popularly known & well-funded OTA’s in the travel industry which started only in 1996 and beyond. But unlike the other big OTA’s, you always have a choice with S & S TRAVEL AGENCY on how you want to purchase your airline tickets because we are a hybrid travel agency. You can do it the “traditional way” by going to our National City Office: 2409 E. Plaza Blvd., National City, CA 91950 OR by calling us by phone @ 619-4753262 or 858-6890609 during office hours; OR by visiting our website online 360/24/7: www.snstravel.com It’s that simple. No more hassles. It’s safe, it’s easy and we’re always here to help and teach you with your online booking & ticketing problems.

Today, S & S TRAVEL AGENCY, now on its 23rd year in business, is not only an airline ticketing travel agency. It caters to the wide Filipino community, as well as, the Mainstream American Market. We are a Major Payment Center of San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE) in National City. We offer MoneyGram for all your money remittance services all over the world; CheckFreePay for all your bills payment nationwide; San Diego & LAX Airport shuttle van services; Globe and Smart Mobile Phone Card Loading Station; Assist prepare all legal documents for authentication; Notary, copy, fax, scan, and other office services, etc.

His efforts and innovations did not proved futile either as he was given several recognitions here and abroad, by both the private and government sectors. Notable among of which is the prestigious Outstanding Minority Entrepreneur Award given to him by the California State Assembly. Another award which he truly cherish is the Most Outstanding Overseas Bedan Award in the Field of Business given to him by his alma mater, San Beda College in 2013. He was also recognized by the Philippine government when he was Officially Nominated to the Bagong Bayani Awards in 2014. Followed by another prestigious recognition as Official Nominee of the Commission of Filipinos Overseas (CFO) for the Presidential Awards.

And what can be a better way to cap his illustrious career as a business owner by passing on the torch to his wife, ROSITA “OSIE” CAPISTRANO SANTOS, who now serves as its Chief Operating Officer. They say the best accolade one can have in life is if you can afford to retire at an early age and still have all the full benefits & privileges of being an active business owner. And that is exactly what George will try to achieve in the coming months after turning 60 years old this year. To read more about ODILON, please visit www.snstravel.com and click on “Learn More About The Owner.”

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